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The International University of Rabat prepares students for the levels  of bac+3 or bac +5 in the field of informatics and its many applications. The mission of this program is to provide all students with informatics courses that prepares them access  a business world which is increasingly permeated of Information and Communication Technologies.

To accomplish this mission, the Faculty of Informatics of the UIR benefits from the synergy provided by the research developed by its professors-researchers at the International Associated Laboratory (LIA) in Information and Communication Technologies, developed in partnership with the CNRS (France) and LORIA and CRAN laboratories of the University of Lorraine.

This synergy, reinforced by the academic partnership with the University of Nantes, helps ensure all students high level informatics courses.


Designed and created to support the development companies and to train high level technicians, the "Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering" program of the UIR prepare students for various professions of informatics. The aim of this bachelor’s degree is to enable students to acquire solid skills in application development while enabling them to obtain the necessary prerequisites for entry into the Master or engineering school. It allows the student to build up gradually along the three years, a set of skills in the field of informatics, tailored to their disciplinary preferences and their career plans.

In the end of the pathway, the student applies the skills acquired during the undergraduate program in the professional world during a mandatory internship.


1st YEAR: Discovery of core subjects

  • Mathematics Physics (Electrokinetic, Optical, Mechanical)
  • Algorithms and Programming
  • Introduction to systems (IT computer (C2i)
  • Methodology of work
  • Analysis
  • Vector spaces and linear applications
  • Arithmetic
  • Algorithms and Programming
  • Web Engineering
  • Languages and Communication

2nd YEAR: Consolidation of tools and techniques discovered in 1st year

  • Electronics for Informatics
  • Computer Architecture
  • Objects and Data Structures
  • Theoretical Foundations of Informatics
  • Business knowledge
  • Numerical analysis
  • File Kinematics
  • Objects and Data Structures
  • Modelling of information systems
  • Database
  • Computer law (droit de l’Informatique), Professionalization
  • Languages and Communication

3rd YEAR: Finalization of pathway, specialization and mobility abroad

  • Networks
  • Logic for Computer Science
  • Algorithms and Programming
  • Object-oriented languages
  • Computer Architecture
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Data base
  • Operating systems
  • Modelling of information systems
  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Languages and Communication
  • Projects and placement


  • A pedagogy based on professionalization
  • A modern campus
  • A profession of the future
  • Ability to perform an academic exchange
  • A multidisciplinary environment
  • Scholarships


The bachelor’s degree "Computer Engineering" is a double-degree delivered by the UIR and the University of Nantes, obtained after the successful completion of the three years of the program. The bachelor’s degree (undergraduate program) trains management informatics specialists. Their skills make them one of the most sought-after profiles by companies. They may occupy the following positions:

  • Software Architect
  • Developer
  • Designer of multimedia software,
  • Information systems Security Officer.
  • A specialist in Internet and multimedia technologies, etc.