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Bachelor’s degrees



The IBPM Program of the ESC Rennes School of Business provided and taught at The Rabat Business School prepares students of IBPM to become quick-witted "Fields Managers" who are able to adapt to the multicultural context and able to engage in new paths. The pedagogy of IBPM is based on an experiential approach that aims to 'learn in action'', by confronting the field experience (8 months of discovery and experimentation in enterprise) and conceptual contributions. The Bachelor program is structured in 2 large teaching and pedagogical phases:

  • 2 years of Common Core Curriculum providing general management education punctuated by periods of placements and internships in company,
  • 1 year of specialization in the third year with a semester or year of studies abroad.


The IBPM aims to train '' fields managers' mastering the operational tools of management. A '' field manager '' has the required management skills allowing him, in the context of a globalized and turbulent economy, to create permanently on the ground, with effectiveness and efficiency, value for the company. General education with a strong international orientation, IBPM is open to all the company's businesses with a choice of specialization in the end of the curriculum: Finance, Marketing and Logistics. The IBPM helps the students to build their portfolio of management skills according to their professional project, be a skilled communicator and negotiator, and master the managerial challenges of sustainable and responsible development.

Career opportunities:

  • SALES & MARKETING: Junior Assistant Products Manager, Marketing research Assistant, Assistant in charge of Sales Promotion, Trade Marketing, Customer Relationship Assistant, Communication Assistant Manager, Events Project Manager, E-marketer, export assistant (bi/trilingual).
  • BANKING & FINANCE: Commercial insurance Counsellor, banking Customer Manager (individuals), Bank Counsellor, Telesales operator, Business Centre Manager, bilingual sedentary salesperson, Accounting/Management Control Assistant.
  • Purchasing & Supply Chain Management: export sales administration manager, administration and monitoring of procurement, contract management (insurance), Commercial Transport manager.
  • PURSUING EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree allows to apply for parallel admission examination to enter a Grande Ecole de Management (Higher School of Management) or the second year of the Programme Grande Ecole of Rabat Business School. Graduates of the IBPM program can also continue their studies in Master in Morocco or abroad.


  • Double degree UIR / ESC Rennes
  • Ranking of IBPM Program: 6th Bachelor  out of 32 in France (
  • minimum 38 weeks of internship (Including one year in alternation)
  • Mandatory Academic Exchange: A semester or a year abroad
  • More than 1,000 hours of courses taught in English or French
  • A permanent faculty shared and mutualized with our partner
  • Possibility of entering a Master or a Programme Grande Ecole in Morocco or abroad