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Designed and created to support the development of companies and to train high-level executives, the Master of Business Informatics combines the expertise of two major universities (UIR and the University of Nantes) and offers a career-centered and quality program.

The Master of Business Informatics aims to train specialists in business decision and information systems engineering.

These executives must be able to optimize the present and future functioning of an organization by the IT methods while meeting the functional, technical, legal and financial expectations and requirements.

Taught by a teaching staff composed of professors-researchers and professionals recognized nationally and internationally, our courses and programs provide students with the intellectual and technical skills needed to quickly get a foothold in the labour market.

Throughout their education, students will be required to perform various professional placements and internships in order to test their academic and technical skills


“Profession” oriented education,

  • Close supervision and training,
  • High-level professors and practitioners,
  • A rich and powerful professional network,
  • An international profile, etc


With over 34,000 students, the University of Nantes is one of the largest French multidisciplinary universities. The Nantes University program offer covers extensive areas of education and offers more than 280 degrees.


The Master's Degree in Business Informatics, awarded by the UIR, obtained after the success and completion of the two years of the program. Recognized at the level of the quality of its educational engineering, the Business Informatics program trains specialists in management informatics. Their skills make them one of the most sought-after profiles by companies.


  • Algorithms and Software Engineering
  • Web Engineering and networks
  • Language, Communication, and professionalization
  • Mathematics & Management
  • Techniques and new development practices
  • Language, Communication, and professionalization
  • Computer law and IT business practices
  • Project

2nd YEAR:

Software architecture and BI offer

  • Repositories, quality, and urbanization of IS
  • IS security and development Process
  • Communication, recruitment and policy of HR
  • Work placement


The Master of Business Informatics is open to applicants who have completed or are currently going to complete the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the UIR, of the undergraduate studies in Informatics or equivalent degree.

The application for the Master of Business Informatics is made through application review and oral motivation interview. Applicants wishing to apply for a master must file their application on the online enrolment platform:

The original program must be accredited by the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education.