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The Master of Information Systems Security is intended for engineers and students with a bachelor’s degree in Informatics who wish to essentially develop skills in information systems security.

The program of this Master aims to train executives specialized in information systems security, having excellent knowledge in the field of information systems security.

The organization of the program allows combining theoretical and practical courses according to the needs of businesses and the market especially in emerging technologies.

The ways of deepening of this program are numerous and the objective of this Master is to acquire skills in: Information Systems Security, Network Security, Database security, Biometric Security and Security of operating systems. ..

Career and job opportunities are in both the companies and enterprises manufacturing electronic or IT equipment for telecommunication, in the companies which have secure networks and information systems, as well as in all the industries handling confidential information: e-commerce, banking and smart cards...


Known for its expertise in the field of computer security, the THALES Group is the professional partner of the program provided as part of the curriculum of the Master of ISS.

Thales provides quality support by organizing seminars, conferences with students, and making available to course of study the experts and specialists of the field of industry.


The Master of Networks and Security provides education and train computer engineers of tomorrow, who will have a specialization of networks and security and who will design and develop network architectures, ensure the deployment of large networks, oversee development projects, and administer a computer park.

This specialty aims to provide students with a high level vocational education and training, based on a mixed approach combining advanced academic education, acquisition of technical expertise and understanding of the reality of the constraints and industrial contexts.

Throughout his/her period of study, the student is likely to do various internships and placement to test his/her academic and technical skills and prepare to enter the world of work.


The Master’s degree in Information Systems Security is a diploma awarded by the UIR and obtained after the success and completion of the two years of the program. Recognized at the level of the quality of its educational engineering, the program trains specialists in network security and ISS.

1st year of the Master

  • Foundations of Computer Security
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Advanced Networks
  • Database and Information Systems
  • Informatics Project management
  • Communication
  • Advanced Cryptography
  • Network Security and Protocols
  • Security of Operating Systems
  • Secure web protocols Engineering
  • Secure development process
  • Law of Communication and Information Technology
  • Technical English

2nd year of Master

  • Embedded Systems and Security
  • Governance of IS, repository and Audit
  • Biometric Security
  • Computer Forensics
  • IS Security
  • Database security
  • At least 4-month Internship and End of study project


  • Recognized Degree
  • A multidisciplinary study environment
  • A vocational education and training
  • A modern campus
  • Scholarships
  • High graduate employability


Our graduates can exercise the following professions and jobs:

  • Information systems security officer (ISSO)
  • Consultant, Analyst, Auditor of secure information systems
  • Expert in security and intrusion prevention
  • Expert in data confidentiality
  • Developer of application services on secure computer networks
  • Project Manager of IS Security
  • Network Administrator
  • Prepared for certification (CEH, CISSP)

Student can also move towards the path of doctoral studies.