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Program of study


The School of Architecture of the International University of Rabat aims to offer a new practice of architectural project adapted to the context of the Mediterranean basin and Africa.

The program of architecture at the UIR is characterized by the teaching of the theory and practice of architectural and urban project. The main objective of this course is to train architects capable of performing diverse professional practices and ready to fulfil new missions to address the sociological and ecological complexities of the world around them. The organization of studies at the International University of Rabat also promotes the interdisciplinarity with the other departments (Renewable energy, Cultures, Civilizations and Sciences Po, etc.) and allows the student to better understand the complex realities of our Contemporary world (overcrowding of cities, pollution, ecological concerns)


The education of architecture developed by the UIR arises from the definition given to the word "architecture" and "territories". Throughout the program of study, the architect students will learn that design of the building consists also of the development of project of transformation of our environment.

To transmit it to students, the UIR developed with prestigious partners an original program of study and appropriate teaching methods, so that its future graduates have the skills, openness and commitment that this job requires today. The education of the program of architecture gives the student a solid training and education in exact sciences, human and social sciences and artistic technique. Throughout the course, the student is required to manage architectural projects, taking into account various constraints (budgetary, environmental, etc.).


The School of Architecture of Rabat of the UIR was born from the commitment of our teaching teams to develop an original architectural education, which puts at the core of its concerns the adequacy between architecture, urbanism and environment. Throughout the course of study, the architect students will learn that design of the building consists also of the development of project of transformation of our environment.

The program of architecture lasts 6 years. The two first undergraduate and graduate programs, with a duration of 5 years, conform to the LMD system (Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree). The sixth year is a year of professionalization which allows holding the degree and to practice as an architect in accordance with laws and regulations. Teaching is organized in semesters and modules in accordance with the specifications of national educational standards. Moreover, a large part of architecture program is dedicated to the professionalization and the deepening of knowledge in particular fields.

The architecture program revolves around 4 themes:

  • Architecture Project
  • Arts, representation, communication
  • City, territory and societal environment
  • Science of construction of physical environment

Undergraduate program (Bachelor’s degree): This undergraduate program provides the student with the basics of architectural discipline in its societal, spatial, environmental and constructive components. The undergraduate program of the bachelor’s degree, with a duration of 3 years, is finalized by the Fundamental Studies Degree in Architecture. The teaching pace is varied, with particularly four intensive weeks per year on various themes (study tours, sustainability, digital tools, architectural heritage, etc.)

Graduate program (Master’s degree): This graduate program allows students to deepen the general education and gives a central importance to the architectural project. At the end of this graduate program the student is able to project and define in an operational manner a construction work in response to a program. The master’s program, with a duration of 2 years, is finalized by the Advanced Studies Degree in Architecture.

Postgraduate program (Doctoral degree): During the 6th year, the student learns the techniques of project management and the management of complex projects. Being a year of professionalization, the 6th year allows obtaining the degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture of Rabat. This last level of degree allows to practice as an architect in accordance with the applicable regulations.


  • A high-level faculty
  • A modern residential campus
  • A stimulating student life
  • Modern equipment
  • A career-centered and specialized education
  • Possibility of semesters of study abroad


  • Freelance architect
  • Architect at the level of:
    • Local authorities
    • Education and Research
    • Client
    • General contractor