HR Policy

HR Policy



Development of skills and talent

The development and construction of talent is a real challenge for any institution and developing the skills of employees is essential to their professional development. This is why UIR pays close attention to the consolidation, development and enhancement of the skills of research professors and administrative staff, enabling everyone to be involved in their own professional development and career planning.

International experience and mobility

UIR's international dimension is an asset for our community and contributing to its cultural diversity is an inherent part of the University's human resources policy. Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, our employees and research professors can work at partner universities in Europe and around the world for a fixed period of time. This unique experience contributes to enriching their cultural and professional experience.

Development and performance management

In order to promote the professional development of its teams, UIR encourages each employee to express their career objectives and expectations in an open dialogue. UIR strives to retain and motivate each member of its community by offering a stimulating career development, where everyone will have the opportunity to develop their skills over the long term.