Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

In order to ensure the health of its students, the International University of Rabat offers medical services accessible to all UIR students. These services are designed for prevention purposes and to promote student health.

Psychological counseling service

Aware that being a student can be a potential source of pressure, stress and even great fatigue, UIR has set up a student listening and counseling service, led by a multidisciplinary team of counseling professionals.

The purpose of the UIR Student Listening and Counseling Unit is to welcome, listen to and provide counseling to UIR students who are going through individual or personal circumstances that induce stress, pressure or even anxiety, whilst ensuring absolute confidentiality.

The objective of the listening service is to provide a safe place where UIR students can come and talk about the challenges they encounter during their academic career and try to find solutions.

The listening service also aims to contribute to students’ growth, development, fulfilment and better psychological and social well-being. It helps students to mobilize or acquire the attitudes and skills most useful for achieving their academic and personal goals, to develop their potential and thus become more autonomous.  

The mission of the listening service consists in offering the company personalized support, empathetic listening, advice and guidance through a series of individual or group interviews in order to enable students to find solutions to the problems that hinder their success or development within the university. It helps students in their relations with their environment, to communicate differently, to see themselves in a different light and to rebuild their potential.

Appointments can be made directly by calling the following telephone numbers: 06 69 67 68 72 or le 06 93 97 08 11

Health Center

The yearly subscription to the Medhelp health convention is mandatory at the beginning of the year and costs MAD 200 (and is included in the tuition fee). A Medhelp Services office is available at the beginning of each academic year in the atrium of Building 1 to allow students to sign up for the health policy for the year.

An infirmary is available on the ground floor of Building 2 on the UIR site for medical assistance and care services. The Medhelp physician’s intervention for a consultation is MAD 80 for scholarship students and 100 DH for students without scholarships. In case of emergency, the intervention is free of charge.

Hours :

- Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.30pm and Saturday from 8am to 12.30pm.

Telephone: +212 (0) 6 00 06 00 30

- Medical Emergencies: Medhelp Services (6:30pm to 8am)

Emergency physicians, intensive care nurses and first aid paramedics are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays. Medical transport by ambulance is possible to any medical clinic in the Rabat-Salé region chosen by the patient being transported. Telephone: +212 (0) 6 00 06 00 40.

Health Coverage

Civil Liability

All UIR students are covered by the school liability insurance (civil liability). This insurance covers UIR students if they are liable for damage in the course of their academic life, an internship, or their sports activities on campus.

Mandatory Health Insurance;:

Students at the International University of Rabat can now benefit from the Basic Mandatory Health Insurance for Students.

This scheme, implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Training and the National Fund of Provident Institutions (Caisse Nationale des Organismes de Prévoyance Sociale -CNOPS), allows eligible students to benefit from medical coverage in accordance with the provisions of the law in force.

To do this, students must first join this scheme by following these steps:

1; Complete the Student form on the dedicated section: : The student must enter their National Identification Card number and choose their institution (students enrolled in Architecture, Dentistry and Energy Engineering, must choose « E.L.I.T ». as their institution).
The UIR institutions are listed in a drop-down list by selecting: "Private" and "Salé" as the city.

2. Once the form is completed, the student must print the form, sign it, have it legalized and then submit it to the UIR's Academic Affairs Department (Direction de la Scolarité).

3. The student must pay the membership fee set by the law in force, i.e. MAD 400 per academic year, to be paid to the UIR's Accounting Department.

For more information on membership procedures, access to refunds and payment of benefits, please visit the websites : et The Academic Affairs Department is also at your disposal for any further information ( Email :

First Aid

In the event of a serious health issue or accident, UIR students can use an emergency department composed of emergency physicians, intensive care nurses and first-aid paramedics: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays. In the event of a medical emergency, UIR students benefit from:

  • Free first aid by emergency physicians
  • Free medical transport by ambulance to any medical clinic in the Rabat-Salé region chosen by the patient transported
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