In addition to providing its students with an education based on academic excellence in line with international standards, UIR is committed to:

Scientific research and technological innovation constitute a fundamental pillar of UIR, consisting in developing multidisciplinary R&D projects (mechanical/material, electronic, IT, etc.) for industrial purposes, in a strategy focusing on applied research. UIR has the means to be a reference at the regional and African level in the field of technological innovation.

As a partner of 140 universities in nearly 28 countries around the world, year after year, the International University of Rabat embodies its international dimension, and integrates openness to the world at the very heart of its educational and research missions.
Our University's international strategy consists in developing international cooperation with prestigious universities located on all five continents, on a multidisciplinary and multidimensional basis, for the benefit of our students, but also of international students who choose UIR as their study destination or for their study abroad experience.

Since its creation in 2010, UIR has chosen to offer scholarships to deserving candidates with a solid academic record who cannot afford to pay UIR's current tuition fees.  
The financial aid policy is a commitment made by UIR to the beneficiaries for the duration of the course of studies, it promotes equity and social diversity within our University, which are fundamental elements in our philosophy.

UIR places a major focus on its students’ development, and hopes that this will also be reflected in the strengthening of their general knowledge. To this end, conferences are organized throughout the academic year, related to the students' fields of study and training.  
The themes of these conferences are set in such a way as to complement university teachings, encourage exchange and allow everyone to enrich their personal reflections over time.

The Languages, Cultures and Civilizations Center (PLCC) provides language and general knowledge courses to all the educational institutions of the International University of Rabat. As such, it is intended for all students at the University, to provide them with the required language skills for their studies, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, to provide them with the tools to gain a meaningful understanding of the society in which they are living. Opening up to other PLCC cultures also contributes to the cultural and scientific influence of the University, through the focus on human and social sciences, and through the links forged with Moroccan socio-cultural players, thus contributing to the reflection and social debates in the public sphere, in Morocco and internationally.