Based on the conviction that success is best achieved through partnerships, the International University of Rabat pursues a strategy of sustained cooperation, both nationally and internationally, with renowned academic, institutional and industrial organizations.

The International University of Rabat considers partnerships on the basis of trust and mutual respect, and on the basis of the convergence of ambitions, interests and vision, in the pursuit of excellence, innovation and socioeconomic progress.

Since its establishment in September 2010, the International University of Rabat has to date forged partnerships with 140 universities in 28 countries on five continents, including 26 Erasmus+ partnerships tall active. These partnerships focus on student and faculty mobility, research, and in some specific cases, double degrees.  

Some of UIR's partners in Europe:  : 

In North America, UIR has initiated cooperation with, among others:

In South America, UIR has partnerships with:

Some of UIR's partners in Africa:

In Asia, some of UIR's partners include: