Cycle Ingénieur (CI, 3 ans)

Cycle Ingénieur (CI, 3 ans)

The program consists of two training cycles: a two-year integrated preparatory cycle and a three-year engineering cycle.
The training is based on two pillars: experimentation and modelling. As such, students will complete a large number of hands-on exercises and learn how to work with a large number of calculation codes.

For the engineering cycle (CI) entitled:  
- Energy and Renewable Energy (E2R : This 3-year engineering specialization cycle aims to provide students, on the one hand, with the scientific and technical knowledge necessary for an engineer specializing in energy and, on the other hand, with the methods enabling them to use their knowledge in a professional context, whether in research and development, production or management.

The skills reference framework for this engineering specialization cycle revolves around 4 main themes:

-Developing your knowledge,
-Solving multidisciplinary problems,
-Managing projects,
-Mastering communication and interpersonal skills.
Which can be broken down into 7 skills:
  -Learning to learn,  
-Formulating and analyzing complex problems,  
-Adopting a scientific approach,
-implementing solutions,  
-Planning and carrying out engineering projects,  
-Working as a team.

The Subjects taught during this cycle are listed in order of relative importance:

-Mathematics for Engineers,

-Solid, fluid and hydraulic mechanics,
-Thermal, thermodynamics, heat exchangers, energy conversion and storage for renewable energies,  
-Electrical circuits, electrical engineering and signal processing,  
-Power grids (production, conversion, transport of energy),
-Energy deposits (solar, wind, geological: modelling and measurement techniques),  
-Renewable energy systems, energy and housing, energy and environmental issues,  
-Geosciences, cartography and remote sensing, 4 to 6 weeks technician internship, R&D project, 5 to 6 months engineering internship.