Integrated preparatory cycle (STPI, 2 years)

Integrated preparatory cycle (STPI, 2 years)

The course comprises two training cycles: a two-year integrated preparatory cycle and a three-year engineering cycle.

The program is based on two pillars: experimentation and modeling. As such, students will complete a large number of hands-on exercises and learn how to work with a large number of calculation codes.

For the integrated preparatory cycle entitled:  

- Sciences and Technology for Engineers (STPI):  : This 2-year cycle should enable students to acquire all the necessary knowledge to tackle specific subjects in the field of energy under optimal conditions and to acquire working methods that will enable them to assimilate this knowledge. As the courses are taught in French, special attention will be paid to language proficiency.

Like for any engineering program, the skills to be acquired are a combination of: knowledge (declarative knowledge), cognitive skills (learning skills), technical and methodological skills (know-how) and soft skills (interpersonal and intellectual skills) used to effectively deal with complex problems (knowing how to react).

More specifically, the skills to be acquired are mainly:

  • Learning to learn,
  • Formulating and analyzing complex problems,
  • Adopting a scientific approach,
  • Implementing solutions


The Subjects taught during this cycle are listed in order of relative importance:

  • Mathematics,
  • Physics, 
  • Chemistry,
  • Mechanics and Material Resistance,,
  • Electronics, Electrical engineering, Automatic,
  • Computer science,
  • Engineering, CAD/CAM,,
  • Languages and Social Sciences,,
  • Worker internship from 4 to 6 weeks.