Director’s Message

Director’s Message

M.Alain Degiovani
Director of the Higher School of Energy Engineering

"ECINE is the engineering school specialized in "Renewable Energies" at the International University of Rabat. What makes ECINE a school unlike any other?"

The school currently has only one specialty: "Energy and Renewable Energies". These three words perfectly define the specificity of the school; a general energy engineering school specialized in renewable energies.

ECINE has a two-year integrated preparatory cycle for a basic general education (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, geology, EEA, mechanical engineering, etc.) followed by a three-year engineering cycle.

The 3rd year focuses on energy with many practical assignments (electrical engineering, automation, fluid mechanics, solid, material and thermal mechanics); Semester 7 focuses on energy, semester 8 on renewable energies; the whole 4th year is based on scientific and industrial calculation software (Fluent, CATIA, ABAQUS, Flex, Comsol, Matlab, MAPLE, Thermoptim, SIMBAD...). Semester 9 focuses on the research and development project and semester 10 is reserved for the end-of-study project (engineering internship).

Throughout the entire duration of the program, an emphasis is placed on the command of French and English, with a substantial number of hours devoted to language courses. Numerous lectures on the engineering profession are also part of the curriculum, as well as an introduction to economics and finance.

Teaching of group work is done through three projects in the 3rd, 4th and 5th years. Corporate apprenticeship is done through 3 compulsory internships, a 4-week workman's internship at the end of the 2nd year, a 5-week technician's internship at the end of the 3rd year, and a 4 to 6-month end-of-study engineering internship.

Yet none of the above is very original, the real specificities that make this training unique in Morocco are twofold:

    • The impressive number of practicums, 40 installations including a steam turbine, a fuel cell, an infra-red thermography installation, a stirling engine, a wind tunnel equipped with a wind turbine and large solar installations, a 325-kW photovoltaic farm, a 7-kW wind turbine and a 12-kW towing vehicle.
    • The program is also international, with semester 8 taking place at the University of Lorraine for the entire graduating class, and top students have the opportunity to complete the 5th year in France and in some cases to obtain a double degree.

In a nutshell, this is a brief overview of the School of Energy Engineering at the International University of Rabat. 

Upon completion of training at the School of Energy Engineering (ECINE) and by virtue of article 3 of decree No. 2.16.244 of July 22nd, 2016, the student obtains a diploma which is recognized as an equivalent of the State Engineering Diploma.