Research & Development Project

Research & Development Project

The Research & Development Project (RDP) scheduled in semester 9 of the 5th year involves a period of practical experience in an academic environment.

This interaction allows students to broaden their knowledge, develop their personality and skills, and ensure a smooth transition from the academic environment to the final project (PFE, industrial internship) scheduled for semester 10.

The RDP meets a number of objectives:

  1. Develop adaptive skills in an academic environment,
  2. Expand the concept of commitment and develop a work ethic,
  3. Analyze real problems based on a methodology,
  4. Propose possible solutions and set up action plans.

Through the end-of-study project activities, engineering students are expected to achieve the specific objectives below:

    • Understand the context of the project and the problem posed,
    • Better plan and manage of the various project activities,
    • Conduct effective bibliographic research,
    • Correctly formulate study approaches related to the subject area,
    • Propose feasible and optimized designs,
    • Master new tools and technical environments,
    • Conduct development and/or engineering work,
    • Analyze the obtained findings and formulate relevant conclusions,
    • Value the work performed and the obtained findings,
    • Write a well-structured report based on the rules of scientific writing,
    • Prepare a clear presentation for the oral exam.