The School of Energy Engineering (ECINE) is one of the 8 faculties of the International University of Rabat (UIR)


The education programs span over 5 years, with a 2-year cycle of integrated Preparatory Classes followed by a 3-year specialization course in the Engineering Cycle.

ECINE regularly requires expertise in various disciplines: Mathematics and Mathematics for Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Solid, Fluid and Hydraulic Mechanics, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Signal Processing, Automation, Computer Science, Mechanical Manufacturing, Thermal, Thermodynamics, Heat Exchangers, Energy Conversion and Storage for Renewable Energies, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Networks (production, conversion, transport of energy), Energy Deposits (solar, wind, geological ...), Energy Management (energy production, conversion, transport of energy): modelling and measurement techniques), Renewable energy systems, energy and housing, energy and environmental issues, Geosciences, mapping and remote sensing, Languages and Social Sciences, Financial Engineering, Industrial project management, Energy market, etc...

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