Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations

The Industrial Relations and Partnership Manager, appointed within the school, has the following objectives:

    • To develop relationships between the school and the industry and therefore promote employability,
    • To develop, strengthen and organize the UIR-National Industry relations,
    • To develop, strengthen and organize industrial partnerships internationally.


The School provides all its students with an academic education enabling them to access the job market. The following initiatives are carried out on an ongoing basis:

    • Monitoring the professional integration of its graduates,
    • Gathering job offers and disseminating them,
    • Gathering and disseminating internships offers,
    • Encouraging and supporting internships abroad,
    • Gathering the opinions of professionals,
    • Organizing industry conferences,
    • Participating in the various employment forums to ensure the representation of UIR and to maintain ties with companies,
    • Organizing the job forum,
    • Developing partnerships,
    • Promoting entrepreneurship,
    • Setting up executive education programs for graduates.