A network of partners

A network of partners

The company at the heart of training:
Personal development is an important component of the pedagogy adopted by Rabat Business School. Thanks to a better knowledge about self, the student will build his professional project throughout his studies, through:
-Thematic workshops:
Collective and individual training sessions as well as student/business events accompany these steps.
- Internships in companies:
Students complete more than 30 weeks of internships during their studies, which enables them to gradually build a professional project that is consistent with their choice of study and labor market trends.
-Job fair:
The International University of Rabat organizes each year a Job Fair to create and maintain contact between the main actors of the national economy and our students. This "Job Fair" day includes individual coaching sessions to prepare and support our winners in their job search.

A network of partners:

Rabat Business School has a wide range of partner companies from different sectors of activity, thus promoting the integration of its students into the professional world. 

Whether in the food industry, the medical or paramedical sector, mass distribution, high technology or industry, students and graduates provide companies with their skills.


The experience in a company

Business issues are at the heart of all Rabat Business School programs.

From the first year, students are encouraged to join the company, whether as part of supervised or optional internships. The experience in a company represents more than 34 weeks of internship over the entire curriculum: a real added value on the labor market.Insert your text here 

Graduation project:

Analyzing the company's practices is an essential skill that is concretized at the end of the course by the end-of-study project. This allows students to affirm their skills and put their theoretical knowledge into practice.  

The final year project, supervised by a permanent teacher from Rabat Business School or a business professional, represents the culmination of the students' career path.


Companies that trust us

For more informations please contact us on: rbs.entreprises@uir.ac.ma