About Rabat Business School

About Rabat Business School

Dean's Welcome 
Dr. Olivier APTEL 
Director General of Rabat Business School
Dean of College of Management 

The development of the Moroccan economy needs experienced executives in management strategies, finance, marketing, logistics, human resources and/or commercial international policy. 
Rabat Business School prepares its future leaders thanks to renowned professors-researchers and offers an exceptional multicultural and working environment whose main ambition is to guarantee the employability of young graduates by giving them the values of commitment, respect and responsibility.
A constant international exposure allows them to acquire this "little extra soul" which makes them managers capable of communicating, acting and deciding in a globalized environment. Whether after a high school degree, a preparatory class or a university degree, you will join a Grande Ecole of Management which does not hide its ambitions to become the benchmark of Business Schools in Africa.

Our Vision 
“Become the World Reference for Business Schools in Africa”
Our Mission 
"Prepare through education, practice and research,  responsible and multicultural future leaders able to operate in a global context, contributing to a better Africa."

About Rabat Business School

Rabat Business School trains its students in different fields of Management: Finance, Economics, Marketing, Supply Chain, Human Resources Management, International Business.
Specialized and internationally focused, our training aims at preparing students to operate in a complex and globalized environment.
Supported by prestigious partners, Rabat Business School offers Bachelor programs, a Grande École Program and a wide choice of Masters. RBS Programs are inspired by training provided by our foreign partners and are enriched with modules specific to the regional context.
Rabat Business School programs have been mainly developed in partnership with more than 60 prestigious business schools and universities worldwide. These partnerships allow students, for certain programs, to obtain a double degree and/or to carry out 1 to 2 semesters of study abroad.
Rabat Business School is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

The Pedagogy of Rabat Business School and its specialized trainings:

Pursuing studies in Rabat Business School allows students to be exposed to real conditions of experimentation and decision-making:
- Allowing them to acquire the experience and skills necessary for future managers,
- Defining their professional goals,
- Making coherent course choices consistent with their professional project,                
- Helping them know improve their relational and leadership skills. 
Student learning involves new and numerous international experiences in the business environment allowing them to be constantly dealing with theoretical contributions and exchanges with the faculty. The cycle of conferences organized by Rabat Business School complements the training and the lessons taught in the programs allow students to enrich their general culture by positively enriching their views of the world.

Preparing and training globally :

Rabat Business School students are prepared to lead multinational teams in a globalized world by developing their human and cultural knowledge.
Being proficient in at least 2 or even 3 foreign languages is essential to successfully operate in the modern economy. It involves intensive learning in class, within the international immersion while the third year of study of the Bachelor programs is entirely taught in English. Knowledge of the intercultural environment and geopolitics complete the learning of the cultural diversity acquired through adapted courses. International experience is an essential component of Rabat Business School curriculum. Students accomplish at least one exchange semester or carry out an international internship.