Admissions in a bachelor’s Degree

Admissions in a bachelor’s Degree

Rabat business school offers two licensing programs:

-International program in management "IPM"
-International program in logistics "IPL"



To join one of the two bachelors’ degrees, you must apply the following steps:

Step 1: Pre-application on the UIR website:
Step 2: Preparation of the online application form
Step 3: Invitation to the competition
Step 4: Eligibility tests: Synthesis of the file in French, TOEIC QCM type in English, Logical Reasons and General Culture 
Step 5: Admission test: Individual motivation and personality interview and group interview with jury
Step 6: Admission

Should you need any further information about admission requirements, please send your questions to:

Eligible applications:

Baccalaureate in Mathematics: A and B, SVT and PC
Bachelor of Arts and Human Sciences: L and SH
Bachelor of Science and Technology
Baccalaureate in Economics and Management
French baccalaureate: Scientific (S), Economic and Social (ES) and Literary (L) and Technological (STMG)
Foreign baccalaureate recognized as equivalent.

Entrance test preparation

In order to prepare for the admission tests in the best possible way, we provide candidates with sample tests from previous years. 

We also organize free preparations before the test session.
The next preparatory session will take place in July 2020