Apply for a Master’s Degree

Apply for a Master’s Degree

The Master’s Degree is completed within two years.

Enrollment in a Master’s program requires a Bachelor’s Degree or a high school diploma followed by 3 undergraduate years, in the Management field.
A diversified, professional and International Master program is targeting the personal and professional development of the student.
   - Master in Finance and Applied Economics 
   - Master in Human Resources Management 
   - Master in Supply Chain Management
   - Master in International Business
   - Master in Strategic & Digital Marketing
Enrollment in the Master’s programs is based on the applicant’s application file and his/her motivational interview.


Steps to follow in order to apply in the Master program :
Step 1: Pre-application on the UIR website:
Step 2: Preparation of the online application form
Step 3: Invitation to the oral interview 
Step 4: Admission test: Interview of motivation and individual personality with a jury
Step 5: Admission

Eligible applicants:

Students holding a Bachelor’s Degree or a Highschool diploma followed by 3 undergraduate years.
The application must include the following documents :

-A copy of the Highschool diploma.
-A certificate of achievement and a copy of a graduate degree obtained.
(Attention : the initial curriculum should be validated by the Moroccan Ministry of the National Higher Education)
-A detailed transcript containing grades from previous education years.
-Letter of recommendation