Bachelor International Program in Logistics “IPL”

Bachelor International Program in Logistics “IPL”

Being part of the national strategy for the development of the logistics sector, Rabat Business School at the International University of Rabat trains students at bac+3 and bac+5 levels in supply chain management.

Training objective:

Rabat Business School aims to train high-level employees capable of designing, managing and controlling the very diverse activities related to the logistics process and supply chain management.

Why choose the International Program in logistics -IPL-?

Logistics is a booming and constantly evolving sector, which makes it a coveted training choice for future professionals.
Logistics includes procurement, property management, inventory control, warehousing, transportation and distribution. It enables effective and efficient supply chain management by integrating the flow of materials and goods from the initial purchase of raw materials to the final delivery of a product to customers. Logistics’ students will be introduced to the supply chain, both in theory and in practice.
The supply chain programs provide our students with a global education covering economic, commercial, managerial, modern technology and engineering disciplines applied to logistics and supply chain management. This training will provide them with a versatile profile that is highly sought after in the job market.
The International Program in Logistics (IPL) sector perfectly meets the needs of the Moroccan labor market, particularly in the field of logistics. This training course offers an international perspective in accordance with international standards in logistics management by setting up an exchange program to develop the learners’ multicultural skills, in addition to their international perspective.

Job opportunities

logistics professions:
IPL graduates can start their careers as:

- Supply Chain Manager
- Production Planner
- Logistics Project Manager
- Store Manager
- Logistics Coordinator
- Distribution Manager 
- Procurement Manager 
- etc....

Pursue your studies:

Graduates of the IPL program can also pursue their master’s studies in Morocco "including Rabat Business School Masters" or abroad.


 - Diploma recognized by the Moroccan state allowing graduates to apply for jobs in public sector and to join public universities on a national and international scales. 
- 20 weeks minimum of internship in a company. 
- Possibility of integrating a master’s degree in Morocco or abroad. 
- Possibility of academic exchange.
- A permanent faculty.