Bachelor International Program in Logistics “IPL”

Bachelor International Program in Logistics “IPL”

Septembre 2021
 Français & Anglais
3 Years
Tuition Fees
67 000 Dhs/year
Subscription fees
5000 Dhs/year
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By joining the Rabat Business School IPL program, you will engage in exciting studies within a Bachelor program specializing in Logistics. Fully aligned with the objectives of the national strategy for the development of logistics competitiveness, the IPL program aims to train future specialists in logistics, highly qualified, experts in their field of training, mastering technological tools and software. management but also endowed with communication and relational skills necessary for their professional development and affirmation. Whether you aspire to become a future executive in a company or a seasoned entrepreneur, the International Program in Logistics, will equip you with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to achieve your professional project, through lectures, groups work , associative projects, educational games 'Serious Games' as well as various internships in companies.
- Diploma recognized by the Moroccan State
- AACSB Accredited Diploma recognized internationally
- International mobility
- Double Degree
- Business School Ranked N ° 1 in Morocco and North Africa by Jeune Afrique
- Professional path: Minimum of 26 weeks of internship in a company
- Business games
- Bilingual Program: French and English
- Associative activities included in the program
- Student activities: Clubs, International Student Bureau, Sports activities, etc.

Training's goal

Rabat Business School aims to train high-level managerial staff capable of designing, managing and controlling the very diverse activities related to the logistics process and the control of the Supply Chain.

Why choose the International Program in Logistics -IPL-?
Logistics is a booming and constantly evolving sector, which makes it a training choice coveted by aspiring professionals.
Logistics encompasses purchasing, material management, inventory control, warehousing, transportation and distribution. It enables efficient and effective supply chain management by integrating the flow of materials and goods from the initial purchase of raw materials through to the final delivery of a product to customers. Logistics students will be introduced to the supply chain, both in theory and in practice.
Logistics programs provide our students with a comprehensive education covering economic, business, management, modern technology and engineering disciplines applied to logistics and Supply Chain Management. This training will provide them with a versatile profile that is highly sought after in the job market.
The International Program in Logistics -IPL- perfectly meets the needs of the Moroccan labor market, particularly in the field of logistics. This training course presents an international openness in accordance with international standards in logistics management by setting up an exchange program in order to develop the multicultural skills of the learner, in addition to its international openness.


Steps to follow in order to apply

Step 1

Pre-application on the UIR website:

Step 2

Preparation of the online application form

Step 3

Choice of the desired application path (s)

Step 4

paiement of tests fees - 750 Dhs 

Terms of application fees 
 payment :
  • By credit card via the application space. 
  • Bank transfer / payment to a CIH bank
UIR bank details:
  • Banque : CIH Bank
  • Bank details : CIH Bank 230 810 594 293 822 101 460 075
  • Swift Code : CIHMMAMC
  • Recipient: Université internationale de Rabat
  • Once the transfer has been made, the candidate must scan the proof of payment, noting his name and first name and send it to the following
Eligible applications
  • Any type of Bac
Étude de dossier :

Fees and Financing

Tuition and accommodation fees
Financing of studies

    Jobs & careers


    - Supply Chain Manager
    - Supply Chain Analyst
    - Planning manager
    - Junior Buyer (s)
    - Supply manager
    - Continuing Improvement Manager
    - Quality Manager
    - Logistics Project Manager
    - Coordinator of logistics flows
    - Head of distribution
    - Store manager
    - Container park coordinator
    - Maritime transport operations manager
    - Responsible for transport.


    Graduates of the IPL program can also continue their studies in Morocco "including Masters of Rabat Business School" or abroad.