Master Human Resources Management

Master Human Resources Management

October 2022
English & French
2 Years 
Tuition fees
74 000 Dhs/an
Subscription fees
5000 Dhs/an
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The Master in Human Resources Management aims at a dual competence in international human resources management and human capital development through understanding and mastering the mechanisms that generate behavior and the strategic issues of the company.

The master's degree offers comprehensive training in human resources management by combining operational courses (recruitment techniques, compensation and performance management, training engineering and career management, international human resources management, etc.) and courses development of interpersonal skills (negotiation techniques and industrial relations, work psychology, coaching, interpersonal communication, etc.).

In addition, the program includes a semester covering the fundamentals of the areas of Management allowing any student to soak up good managerial practices.

The program Assets 
- Degree recognized by the Moroccan State allowing to work in public institutions and to integrate public universities nationally and internationally.
- The master offers an educational model designed in close collaboration with representatives of the Moroccan economic fabric to ensure the professional integration of our laureates. 0% gap between training and labor market needs!
- 24 weeks minimum of internship in a company.
- Possibility of academic exchange.
- Animated courses in French and English.
- Proximity pedagogy.
- A highly qualified permanent faculty.

Program Objectives

This program aims to train HR managers who are experts in operational and strategic management of the company's human capital.

Including modules taught in English, this master’s degree equips you, through the acquisition of technical, communicative and linguistic skills, for a better professional integration.


Steps to follow in order to apply in the Master program :
Step 1 : Pre-application on the UIR website:
Step 2 : Preparation of the online application form
Step 3 : Invitation to the oral interview
Step 4 : Admission test: Interview of motivation and individual personality with a jury
Eligible applicants:
Students holding a Bachelor’s Degree or a Highschool diploma followed by 3 undergraduate years.
The application must include the following documents :

-A copy of the Highschool diploma.
-A certificate of achievement and a copy of a graduate degree obtained.
(Attention : the initial curriculum should be validated by the Moroccan Ministry of the National Higher Education)
-A detailed transcript containing grades from previous education years.
-Letter of recommendation

Fees and Financing

Tuition and accommodation fees
Tuition feesAccommodation fees
Financing of studies
ScholarshipStudent loans

    Jobs & career 

    • Hiring coordinator
    • Responsible for continuing education and career development
    • Head of remuneration
    • Internal communication manager
    • HR consultant
    • Doctoral cycle