Master Human Resources Management

Master Human Resources Management

The Master’s degree Human Resources Management aims at a double competence in international human resources management and human capital development through the understanding and mastery of the mechanisms that generate positive behavior and the strategic challenges of the company.
This program aims to train HR managers who will be experts in operational and strategic management of the company's human capital.
The Master's degree offers a complete training in human resources management by combining operational courses (recruitment techniques, compensation and performance management, training engineering and career management, international human resources management, etc.) and relational skills development courses (negotiation techniques and industrial relations, work psychology, coaching, interpersonal communication, etc.). 
With modules taught in English, this degree equips you better, through the acquisition of technical, communicative and linguistic skills, for a better professional integration. 
The program also includes a semester covering the fundamentals of the Management fields, enabling each student to acquire good managerial practices.

Organisation of study:
*Some modules
-Team development and management 
-Human resources management: Compensation, performance and recruitment policies 
-Strategic human resources management
-Corporate social responsibility
-Psychodynamic approaches of organizations
-Law and HRM

 Professional project workshop
2nd year:
-Governance, change and innovation
-Organizational behavior 
-HR development
-Talent management and organizational performance
-Coaching and organizational leadership
-Intercultural and management quality in HR
- End of course project

-Diploma recognized by the Moroccan State enabling job opportunities in public institutions and the possibility to enroll at public universities on a national and international scale for state doctorates 
-The master's degree offers an educational model designed in close collaboration with representatives of the Moroccan economic fabric to ensure the professional integration of our graduates. 0% gap between training and labour market needs!
-Possibility of academic exchange
-Local pedagogy
-24 weeks of internship in a company 
-Teaching in English and French
-A permanent faculty