Masters in Finance and Applied Economics

Masters in Finance and Applied Economics

The Master's degree in Finance and Applied Economics combines financial analysis and an understanding of the Moroccan and international economic environment.
The   program enables students to acquire a thorough knowledge of financial market operations and to master financial analysis tools and methods based on financial and economic theories.
The course combines traditional subjects (in-depth and international accounting, company law, taxation, etc.), management techniques (corporate and market finance, management and management control, audit, quantitative techniques applied to finance, IT, etc.) and transversal disciplines (economics, information systems, strategy, project management, communication, English, etc.).
Participants may specialize in one of the courses offered by the FEA Master's degree, Corporate Finance "CCA" or Market Finance.
Including modules taught in English, this master’s degree equips you, through the acquisition of technical, communicative and linguistic skills, for a better professional integration.
In addition, the program includes a semester covering the fundamentals of the Management fields, allowing each student to learn about good managerial practices.

Organization of studies

First year
- Merger and consolidation 
- Theory and practice of financial markets 
- In-depth financial diagnosis 
- Advanced accounting 
- Internal audit and information systems management 
- Economics and business law 
- Communication 
- Professional Project Workshop
Second year
- Management Control 
- Business valuation technique and financial engineering
- Business Ethics
- Company taxation and tax optimization
Option CCA
- IFRS standards and Islamic finance 
- Banking and Insurance 
- Audit and consulting
Market Finance Option
- Stock markets
- Risk management
- Financial engineering


- Diploma recognized by the Moroccan State allowing to work in public institutions and to integrate public universities on a national and international scale for state doctorates. 
- 24 weeks of internship in a company. 
- Alignment of courses with the higher diploma program in accounting and management, which offers the possibility of preparing the DSCG (France) and public accounting (Morocco) tests under favorable conditions.
- Possibility of a 6 month of international mobility with more than 63 partners abroad. 
- Reciprocity Project: As most Rabat Business School programs aim to prepare socially responsible managers and leaders who will make a positive difference in their society and environment, our Master’s program in Finance and Applied Economics is no different, the program not only includes a “Business Ethics” course but also a “Reciprocity Project” where students go through a deep social work experience with the help and assistance of professionals in this domain.
Students work with an NGO to develop their sense of human assistance and deepen their understanding of community involvement and its impact on companies, operations, and global success.
- Trading Room: To help them better understand real-life financial and stock market practices.  Rabat Business School provides its students with a trading room connected to the Bloomberg trading platform. The platform is available to students’ use at all times, be it for schoolwork or their own desire to learn.
- Connection with the order of chartered accountants and the brokerage firm, and participation in the management tournament and trading competitions.
- Training in line with the needs of major audit and consulting firms.
- Training and certification of certain modules at the Casablanca Stock Exchange School.
- Diversified professional perspectives.