Admissions to the PGE Grande École Program

Admissions to the PGE Grande École Program

Rabat Business School opens 40 seats to candidates admitted to the CNAEM competition. The first ten affected will benefit from an "excellence scholarship" awarded by the International University of Rabat. These scholarships represent a total free study during the 3 years of the Grande École Program.
In addition to the "excellence scholarships", candidates may also submit a "merit scholarships" application corresponding to a partial reduction or total exemption from tuition fees as well as a "study loan" application to the "TAMWIL UIR" support fund created at the Caisse Centrale de Guarantee (CCG).

The PGE program at RBS is built, according to the European standards, to train executives and directors of high-level companies, capable of evolving in complex multicultural environments. Its pedagogy, based on the Anglo-Saxon model, alternates academic teachings and concrete experiences
Through its content, the PGE program at RBS allows everyone to acquire the essential management skills such as of an Accomplished Manager: efficiently and effectively piloting the activities of the company with the vision of the general practitioner and the expertise specialist. Moreover, it creates sustainable value for all stakeholders, as well as it innovates and adapts to changing and turbulent environments making cultural diversity a lever for excellence.

Educate, train and assist future managers to acquire the professional and personal skills necessary to effectively manage an organization and thus contribute to the creation of economic value in the context of a globalized economy.

Training objectives

The Rabat Business School Grande École Program is built around three levers: 

- The young manager of tomorrow will necessarily have an INTERNATIONAL profile and be open to MULTICULTURALITY. 
- The young manager of tomorrow must be, once he leaves school, a "junior expert" in a key management field in order to be immediately operational, effective and credible in his function.
- The young manager of tomorrow will have to be a "relational leader", experienced in managing human diversity, to drive change within the organization and encourage the company to adapt to its environment.

Three ways to enroll in the PGE program :
Admission to the Grande Ecole - Master in Management Program is open:

In first year for:
- Students who have successfully completed two years of commercial preparatory classes (via CNAEM); 
- Students who have obtained a DEUG, BTS, DUT or an equivalent accredited diploma in management sciences; 
- Students who have validated 4 semesters in an accredited program and in the field of management.

In the second year for:
- Students who have obtained an accredited bachelor's degree in management sciences; 
- Students who have validated 6 semesters in an accredited program and in the field of management.

International Training Course
During their studies, all PGE students are required to spend at least one semester abroad with the universities RBS partnered with around the world, with the possibility for some students to spend two semesters, which in some cases makes it possible for them to complete these studies with a double degree.

Experimentation and professional orientation
Within their first year at RBS, students who have joined the program get involved within the microbusiness such dealing with its operational management and leading projects throughout the academic year.

During their first years of studies, students are involved in creating and running a microbusiness. This experience develops a responsible student who is involved in taking initiative and is taught how to become a professional which are important qualities to acquire in order to have a successful career.

Internships in companies (minimum 26 weeks within 3 years)
- 1st year PGE internship: at the end of the first year of study, this internship aims to introduce the student to the company, to enable him/her to validate his/her choice of a sector of activity as part of the construction of his/her professional project and to introduce him/her to "customer" relations and commercial negotiation which are fundamental elements in the functioning and management of a company.
- 2nd year PGE internship: at the end of the second year of study, this internship aims to allow the student to discover a function within the company in order to clarify his/her first professional orientation choice.
- 3rd year PGE internship: at the end of the third year, this "Function" internship allows the student to develop his/her thesis project, the Graduating Project, in line with her/his professional objectives.