Presentation of PhD programs

Presentation of PhD programs

UIR has recently opened its Centre d’Etudes Doctorales (CEDoc) or PhD School to prepare and deliver PhD degrees and to strengthen its Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) strategy in line with the Moroccan Government's policy.

UIR aims to make its CEDoc a center of excellence in PhD education, aiming to have an impact on research and innovation, to contribute to the preparation of the next generation of researchers by training high-level research professors and to support Morocco's various sectoral development strategies.

The PhD School will also be an instrument for the internationalization of research activities through, in particular, thesis co-supervision, mobility and exchange of PhD students, post-docs and researchers.

CEDoc pools the human, material and logistical resources of all UIR's institutions and laboratories.

The suitable conditions for the supervision of PhD students are met both in terms of human resources as well as infrastructure and equipment.

Two major PhD programs accredited by the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research are hosted by CEDoc:

PhD in Sciences, Technology, Engineering (STI) and which covers in particular disciplinary fields such as engineering, technology, architecture, natural sciences, health sciences, etc. 

PhD in Human, Social and Management Sciences (HSSM), which covers disciplinary fields such as Political, Social and Legal Sciences; Management Sciences, Economics.

The research work of PhD students will be carried out in accordance with the research themes developed by the university within its research bodies accredited by the university council.

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