Mainstreaming gender in academia and beyond

Mainstreaming gender in academia and beyond calendar_today 02-07-2019

Mainstreaming gender in academia and beyond
The Laboratory of Political Studies, Social Sciences, and Humanities (LEPOSHS) and the Rabat School of Political Science organize a workshop on "Mainstreaming Gender in Academia and Beyond : Challenges and Perspectives".
The workshop engages the academic, professional and activist communities to explore practical tools to integrate a gender perspective into academia and connect academic learning with the workplace skills. Four panels will address different perspectives of gender sensitivity, explore possible strategies to develop curricula dedicated to gender pedagogy across various disciplines and identify tools and best practices in the implementation process. The workshop aims as well to develop and enhance research networks on gender-related areas and promote gender inclusion into institutional and organizational strategies.
Mardi 2 Juillet 2019
A partir de 9H
Bâtiment  Formation Continue - Salle 204
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Meriem El Haitami