Executive Master BIM

Executive Master BIM


This MSc Programme is for professionals worldwide, specially referring the Mediterranean context, with an interest in sustainability in the built environment, including architects, engineers, and urban designers. It is available on e.learning or blended solutions. A holistic perspective stresses the many architectural expressions and possibilities encompassed within environmental design and naturebased solutions for urban regeneration, orienting the strategy to the resilience and smartness level, by connecting the skills and knowledge to the material aspects of the anthropic system, enriching the process of Resilient Responsive Design & Smart Cities with the immaterial dimensions.

The MSc promotes a cross-disciplinary and integrated design approach to apply the principles, methodology and tools for environmental responsive design, green architecture and dynamic - adaptive building, bridging the traditional gap between arts and the sciences, research and practice, developing critical thinking and design skills to challenge established practices.

The graduates from this program will implement knowledge and skill in the area of building heritage retrofitting and innovative sustainable architectural design: they will be able to develop more attractive sustainable building plan or retrofitting scenarios, more aesthetic solutions for renewables integration in building, more competitive real estate investment, and more soft-green solutions for urban retrofitting and resilience actions. The graduates will spend their expe tise to analyze and to evaluate the building performance, as well as to define the building environmental quality assessment, according to the international rating systems

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