Dr. Nacef MOURI

PhD in Marketing, University of Central Florida, USA

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Faculty and Accreditations

Dr. MOURI is the Associate Dean for Faculty and Accreditations and Professor of Marketing. He holds an MBA and a PhD in Marketing from the University of Central Florida. Before joining Rabat Business School, Dr. Mouri spent 20 years in the USA in academia. He is currently the coordinator of Rabat Business School's AACSB accreditation, obtained in 2020. His research was published in the Journal of Business Venturing (ABDC A*, CNRS 1), Decision Sciences (ABDC A*, CNRS 2), Industrial Marketing Management (ABDC A*, CNRS 2), Journal of Travel Research (ABDC A*, CNRS 4), Journal of Marketing Management (ABDC A, CNRS 3), and European Business Review (ABDC B, CNRS 3).