LERMA members are participating in the LIA (international associated laboratory) ATLAS, which focuses mainly on the development of the following three main research topics:

Photovoltaics: this activity aims at studying and optimizing organic and inorganic semiconductor materials and technological processes with the goal of building high efficiency and low cost solar cells (SC). The focus is on the third-generation Concentrated Photovoltaics and Organic PV SCs by modelling (materials physics, device structures), material growth, characterization (material, device), devices and technological building blocks for solar cells and panels.

Energy Harvesting : this activity aims to study the generation of electricity from structural vibrations: i) piezoelectric materials and structures growth and optimization and ii) devices and systems. Within the first, modelling (materials at the nano-scale, structures), nanomaterial growth (GaN, AlN, ZnO, composite polymers) and characterization and devices has to be developed. In parallel, within the second, possible system integration of the devices has to be explored.

Energy Efficiency: this activity aims at studying the integration of the various devices developed within the first two activities. The two main approaches are: Smart Vehicles and Smart Integration and Lightweighting.