LERMA puts more emphasize on projects' teams, which are composed of members with different skills and competencies (MM, EE, CS) as well as associated members from other institutions. These projects-based structures will have tangible impacts on the Lab’s activities and create Living laboratories with Agile and adaptive capabilities.

Teams in this area are working on energy technologies integration and deployment for many applications, such as seawater desalination, ground water pumping/irrigation, public lighting. They have supported by many R&D projects as follows:

  • Bituma: Maintien en chauffe d'un stockage de bitume par des panneaux solaires a haute energie.
  • Seawater desalination using solar energy.
  • LOUCOM : Low Cost CPV in Morocco.

The projects' teams are mainly focusing on vehicles' aerodynamics and smart materials. They have funding supports as follows:

  • Genial: Development d'une troisieme generation d'alliage AL-LI pour l'Industrie Aeronautique.
  • SmartCM: Application of Structural Heath Monitoring using Lamb waves in developing smart composite material structures for the automotive industry.
  • BDR: Passive Drag Reduction of the Road Vehicle
  • WTEC: Wind Turbine Efficiency and Controllability Improvement
  • SCar: UIR Solar Car

The projects' teams are mainly focusing on vehicles' aerodynamics and smart materials. They have funding supports as follows:

  • SmartENV: Matériaux et efficacité énergétique dans le batiment.
  • INNOMAT: Innovative Materials' Characterization using ab Initio Simulations.
  • INNODI: Co-digestion de déchets à l'échelle pilote

The projects' teams are mainly focusing on bio-mechanics and bio-informatics and their intersection with mechanics and materials for health applications. They have submitted applications for possible funding as follows:

  • CanPI-DiaP: Cancer du Poumon : Plateforme Intelligente de Diagnostic Précoce.
  • SELFSERV : Platform for smarter health organization.
  • MOD-KNEE : Multi-objective study of the human knee biomechanical behavior: High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) surgical operation.
  • OST-CANCER Modélisation mécano-biologique de l’impact des traitements médicaux sur l’évolution de l’ostéoporose.

The projects' teams are mainly focusing on energy efficiency in buildings including EV integration. They have funding supports as follows:

  • HELECAR: Approaches for optimal predictive energy management for BEV and PHEV by using Moroccan TIC.
  • CASANET: Context-Aware Sensor-Actuator Networks for Energy-Efficient Buildings.
  • MIGRID: Towards Smart MicroGrids: Renewable Energy Integration into Smart Buildings.
  • HOLSYS: A Holistic IoT and Big Data Platform for SmartBuilding Energy Management Systems
  • AFRIKATATERRE: Towards resilient architectures, Solar Dechathlon Africa.