Research activities

Research activities

Some of the topics researched by our Tenured Professors:

  • Euro-Mediterranean Relations
  • Spanish Politics
  • Morocco-Spain Relations
  • Public Education Policies

  • Semantics of Islamist Political Discourse
  • Semiotics, Images and Representations of Politics
  • Discourse analysis
  • Political Communication

  • Strategies to counter radicalization in Morocco (study focusing on state-trained religious women and their role in nation-building and the war against terrorism)
  • Islamic feminism in Morocco
  • Sufism and Social History
  • Social movements and political bodies

  • Thesis in progress on cultural studies. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, his research project focuses on the coverage of political and religious topics in the written press in Morocco after 2011.
  • Between September 2016 and September 2017, Professor Tayebi was a Fulbright scholar affiliated with the Department of Political Science at New York State University-Binghamton where he conducted research and taught courses on Moroccan politics, media and social movements.
  • Executive Director of a MENA Project at the Takamul Center for Studies and Research

  • Lead Professor: UIR Model United Nations and Model Arab League clubs, organizer of the UIR International Model United Nations (2017) and the UIR International Model Arab League (2018)
  • Lead Professor: press club and student newspaper 'The Bridge'.
  • Member: LEPOSHS research center
  • Education and Global competency; Literature and Creative Writing

  • Applied Linguistics and the use of new technologies. (E-learning, MOOCs, flipped classrooms-, language laboratory, etc.)
  • Innovative teaching: collaborative teaching model
  • Vernacular and the culture of young Moroccans: socio-linguistic studies on the use of language in Moroccan hip-hop and rap
  • Media and terrorism: non-verbal communication and image interpretation

  • Resilience
  • Psychological well-being and strength of character
  • Empathy, commitment and emotional and social intelligence
  • TED Talk project on the importance of building resilience among young people