Educational goals

Educational goals

The PLCC's educational offer, which is bound to develop, is based on several goals:  

  • • The teaching of languages, communication and soft skills based on modern teaching methods adapted to the new expectations of the various fields of study.
  • Introduction to language theory and the humanities
  • Preparing for international certifications
  • Linguistic and methodological support for students with special needs

Our two-fold educational offer is aimed at all students in the different fields of study. 


Our multidisciplinary programs, which combine different teaching methods, pay particular attention to disciplinary versatility, cross-disciplinary skills and students' ability to adapt to the job market, constantly challenging them to be creative both linguistically and argumentatively.

Communication is approached from a performance standpoint. It is first of all synonymous with attentiveness. Students learn to take an interest in what they hear in order to better grasp the articulations and elements of language that allow them to construct a clear and rigorous response. Emphasis is also placed on soft skills - "soft or human skills" or " behavioral knowledge" preparing students for better teamwork, developing a sense of leadership, project management, thinking, critical thinking, reading and writing, and the development of human and emotional skills, giving them every opportunity to progress and succeed.

Finally, a pooling of knowledge, supported by the theories of language sciences, constantly confronts students with the production of a free-flowing and structured personal language.