With more than 20,000 books, the UIR Library offers collections in all the educational disciplines offered by the UIR: Aerospace engineering, Architecture, Political science, Business law, Energy engineering, Preparatory classes, Dentistry, IT and logistics.

As a central entity within the UIR campus, the Library is more than just a workspace and documentation area. Its role is to stimulate the curiosity of our students, promote their research work and enable students to enrich and deepen their knowledge.

The UIR Library offers more than 200 seats, as well as a wide range of services, including :

  • Reception and orientation of Students;
  • Introduction to the Methodology and educational tools of documentary research;
  • Free access to the entire Library collection (paper and digital formats);
  • Management of the Document Loaning System;
  • Break out rooms available for group work;
  • Digital library is part of the collections of the UIR Library;
  • Internet access via computer workstations connected to the campus network.

The team in charge of the Library is at the students' disposal to assist them in their bibliographic research.


The Library is a peaceful and quiet environment, conducive to concentration and intellectual work. Users are required to respect the peacefulness of the premises. They must speak in a low voice at all times. In the event of non-compliance with the library's principles and regulations, users who are repeatedly called out for non-compliance with these instructions will be liable to sanctions.

Online Library :


Library Manager

    • Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm and during lunch break