Bachelor’s degree program

Bachelor’s degree program

Once your applicant account has been created, you will be able to complete your application by choosing your program (you can choose several programs), and the session (date) of the entrance exam for the program you selected. Please complete your file with the requested documents by scanning them and uploading them to your applicant page: 

 . Copies of transcripts,  
 . ID copy,
 . Photo,
 . Proof of payment of entrance exam fees.  

  Reminder: documents in “paper” format will not be accepted.

Your application can only be approved once your payment has been received by our accounting department. As soon as we receive your payment, and once validated by the accounting department, your invitation to the entrance exam is automatically sent to you within a maximum of 3 working days.
It should be noted that the entrance exam fees amounting to MAD 750 no longer only cover a single exam; they are now valid for several exams of your choice. As a result, lentrance exam fees are payable only once , regardless of the number of exams selected.
To receive the invitation, you must pay the exam fees. This must be done prior to the desired exam date, while taking into account the deadline for registrations. You are invited to consult the section dedicated to the entrance exam fees.

Your invitation to the chosen exam session will be available on your applicant page and can be downloaded and printed. It will also be e-mailed to the e-mail address you have previously provided. The written tests vary according to the chosen field of study. The times and durations of the tests will be mentioned in your invitation. If you choose to take several tests, you will receive an invitation for each program and session chosen. You must bring your invitation and your ID with you when you come to take the test.   Any applicant who does not have his or her invitation to attend is liable to sanctions with respect to access to the exam room.

You are now ready to start your application for the entrance exams to the International University of Rabat.  Can click on the Online Registration links  to start your application:

Online registration

For any further information, feel free to contact us by email at: or by phone at: : 05 30 10 30 00.

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