UIR summer school

UIR summer school


The UIR Summer Program offers you the opportunity to learn Arabic while experiencing exciting cultural life in Morocco. This program, which is tailor-made for a period of 3 to 6 weeks, allows you to combine business with pleasure by giving you the opportunity to select, in addition to language courses, the modules adapted to your academic education, and thus choose the type of language stay that best suits you. In any event, your immersion in Moroccan culture is guaranteed.

Beneficiaries of this program can validate up to 16 ECTS units (equivalent to 6 US Credits), which are fully transferable to the curriculum in the home universities of the beneficiary students.

This innovative and flexible academic offer, with a rich and multidisciplinary pedagogical content, is coupled with an attractive financing scheme adapted to the needs of the participants.

The program offers the following modules: 

       - Modern Standard Arabic (all levels) 

       - Moroccan Arabic dialect (darija) 

   - MEdiNA Studies: courses on multidisciplinary subjects, aiming at a better understanding of the North Africa/Middle East/Mediterranean region (EuroMed region).