The management of the International University of Rabat is structured around five councils/committees that ensure its effective operation:

This is the main academic body of UIR, composed of elected in-house members and invited members. Three elected colleges sit on the University Council: (i) the College of Research Professors, (ii) the Administrative College, (iii) the Student College.

The University Council discusses the University's policy in terms of education and research, academic relations, business and industry relations, and international and national cooperation. In particular, it gives its opinion on the distribution of budgets and resources between educational institutions and research bodies.

It is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the University's research, development and innovation policy and strategy. It may be consulted by the President of the University or the University Council in order to deal with any matter relating to the University's research activities.

It is the body that oversees the monitoring, proposal, evaluation and academic and pedagogical governance and is in charge of the development, monitoring and evaluation of UIR's educational strategy. This Council is the guarantor of the quality of education at the University.

The Management Committee is chaired by the Executive Vice President. Its mission is to monitor all the University's activities outside those relating to academic and research aspects.

The “Executive Education” Steering Committee is chaired by the Director General of Executive Education. Its mission is to monitor the Executive Education activity on both its financial and commercial aspects.