Bachelor’s degree program

Bachelor’s degree program

High school graduates, you wish to pursue your higher education as freshmen at the International University of Rabat…

To this end, we recommend that you read the various sections below carefully. he admissions process for freshman year at UIR is made up of four main steps, as specified below : Before starting your online application,  you must have :

  • A valid and up-to-date e-mail address
  • Your junior year transcripts and your latest senior year transcripts.
  • Your transcripts relating to the common core of your high school degree (equivalent: sophomore year).
The various steps of the application process are described in detail in the Applicant's Guide, available below:
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Below is a brief summary:
  • Applications to UIR programs must be submitted through the website via the following link:  :
  • Access to UIR education.
    • Step 1: Pre-application on the UIR website : 
    • Pre-application
    • Step 2: Preparation of the online application form
    • Step 3: Invitation
    • Step 4: Qualifying + admission tests for the programs: Business School and Automotive and Aerospace Engineering        
    • Admission tests for the rest of the programs
    • Step 5: Admission
    • For more information about the exams, send your questions at:

  • You can also send us your queries at