USR strategy

USR strategy


M. Noureddine MOUADDIB
President of the International University of Rabat

Since the foundation of the University in September 2010 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the University has been working with great passion and conviction to develop a promising new model of higher education and research, seeking international recognition to meet the aspirations of young Moroccans and Africans. 

In this regard, we are extremely proud of the achievements we have made in various fields, as well as the fact that UIR is now ranked as the 1st university in the MENA and african region to have registered patents for inventions. The numberous achievements of our University reinforce its position as a key player in higher education and research, and fully underscore our mission, vision and values, which are oriented by academic excellence and innovative research, and rooted within our African identity, truly open to the world. Founded out of a public-private partnership, it is thanks to the support of the Moroccan government regarding higher education, and to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, that UIR has successfully met several challenges.

The University is also proud to count on the Moroccan academic diaspora abroad, the international academic partners, and  Morocco's dynamic forces, to participate alongside UIR in meeting tomorrow's challenge and to contribute in the training of tommorow's executives and elites to ensure the moroccan and affrican development.

Strengthened by the confidence placed in us, it is also through the support of our institutional partners and the backing of the CDG Group that we are able to further build a successful University, on a daily basis. As the world undergoes major economic, political and social mutations, one of the major challenges facing our country is education. UIR is particularly proud to contribute to these changes, with the aim of guaranteeing respect for the universal values of solidarity, equity and equality that we cherish so dearly. It is our prime ambition to build a world-class, socially responsible African university by engaging in a process of Social Responsibility of Universities (SRU).

As part of its ambitious Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (SD&CSR) strategy, UIR is actively working on its mission to reinforce its position as a Positive Impact University. UIR has established 21 responsible initiatives aimed to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. They apply to the overall scope of the University's activities, and are backed up by concrete action plans to reach the milestones by 2023. 

The goal of the International University of Rabat is to educate socially responsible citizens who will contribute to the development of society in social, cultural, political and economic terms. Through its commitment to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, UIR fulfils the University's civic role and its mission to both produce and disseminate knowledge.

In the 21st century, universities are stepping beyond their core functions of training and imparting knowledge, opening up to their economic and social environment, and supporting societal change. National and international players are recognizing the role of education in protecting the needs and interests of future generations, which means that universities are now facing a major transformation challenges. By embracing this new reality, higher education contributes to broader economic and social development, which is the very purpose of the Social Responsibility of Universities (SRU) approach.

As an innovation-driven player in higher education, research and innovation in Morocco, the UIR places sustainable development and social responsibility at the heart of its development strategy, in line with the international standards set out to build a "world-class African university". This initiative confirms our fundamental values of Excellence, Innovation, Respect and Citizenship, and gives full meaning to our mission of "transmitting and creating knowledge and values for the benefit of tomorrow's societies".

UIR intends to engage its students and staff around 21 commitments to make Rabat International University a "Positive Impact University" by 2023. By placing students at the heart of our concerns, our University is shaping the future Moroccan, Mediterranean and African generation of decision-makers into responsible citizens who are aware of the stakes involved in sustainable development.