Located at the crossroads of road and highway infrastructures, the International University of Rabat campus is accessible by car, bus or “grand taxi”.

Students or UIR staff can travel to the campus daily using two transport solutions; the city bus, shared transport or UIR shuttles.

A shared transport service is offered by various service providers and allows people to travel to the UIR campus every morning according to pre-determined routes.
Evening returns are also guaranteed until 7:05 pm. The average journey lasts 30 minutes.
The subscription rates vary between MAD 500 and MAD 800 per month depending on the city served. This amount is payable before the 10th of each month.
How to get your HAKOM travel pass?
You purchase a subscription from Hakom, which is an external carrier. You should inquire with them directly regarding payments.
Contact :  Mr. Hicham (06 75 10 37 44) -
For further information regarding bus routes and schedules:

A new transport service has been set up since the start of the 2017/2018 academic year with a company specializing in intercity transport, so as to meet the mobility needs of students and employees.

A round-trip service is provided from Monday to Sunday over a wide time range linking UIR to the Rabat-Salé tramway network. For each new academic year, an information desk is set up by the specialized company for a 2-week period during the start of the academic year.

Two bus lines in the city of Rabat allow students and employees to reach the city center of Rabat (Bab Al Had Station) in 45 minutes for MAD 4 per trip: Bus 35 for Rabat and 48 for Salé.