Organization Chart

Organization Chart

To carry out its missions and achieve its objectives, UIR adopted a governance model based on several bodies and entities that work to carry out specific functions, both at the academic and scientific level and at the level of the effective operation of the University. 

UIR has an administrative organization whose main role is to ensure the quality of the services provided both to its students and researchers, and to professionals in the context of Executive Education.

Thus, UIR comprises 3 Vice-Presidencies, 5 Colleges and a General Management team.

The Executive Vice-Presidency includes the  Information Systems Department, Administration and Finance Department, Marketing and Communications Department, Development and Fundraising Department. In addition, the Executive Vice-Presidency includes a "General Secretariat" with five departments: Student Life Department, Human Capital Department, Purchasing and Logistics Department, Legal Department, Technical Department.

The Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs , whose mission is to manage academic affairs and supervise all academic institutions within UIR. The Quality and Evaluation Department and the Programs & Accreditations Department report to it. 

The Vice-Presidency of Research, Innovation and Partnerships is in charge of research and innovation development, and oversees the research structures, the Valorisation and Transfer Department, and the International Relations and Partnerships Department.

The latter comprises two departments, one dedicated to incoming and outgoing international mobility, the other to the promotion and development of international partnerships and programs.

UIR also has 5 colleges, which bring together all the schools by discipline.

The College of Engineering and Architecture includes the Rabat School of Architecture, the Higher School of Energy Engineering, the Higher School of Computing and Digital Engineering, and the School of Aerospace & Automotive Engineering.

The College of Management is represented by Rabat Business School. Rabat Business School is AACSB accredited - the international label for Business Schools.

The College of Health Sciences comprises three schools: the Rabat International Faculty of Medicine, the Rabat International Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Rabat College of Paramedical Sciences.The College also includes a University Dental Clinic and a University Hospital currently under construction.

The UIR College of Humanities, Political, Legal and Social Sciences includes 4 training schools: Sciences Po Rabat, the Rabat Law School, the IHECS Africa Communication & Media and the Languages, Cultures and Civilizations School.

In accordance with Moroccan government policy, UIR has opened a Doctoral Studies Center (CEDoc) or Doctoral School to prepare and award the doctoral degree and strengthen its research, development and innovation (RDI) strategy.

In addition, the UIR's organizational chart includes an additional general directorate, which plays a central role:

The Executive Education Department includes three departments: the Sales Department, the Executive Masters and Certificates Department, and the Consulting and Training Department.