Regulatory Texts

Regulatory Texts

The activity and studies at the International University of Rabat are governed by various internal regulations validated by the University Council.

The UIR internal regulations are the expression of the rules of life, obligations, rights and duties of the entire student body at UIR. This community brings together students enrolled in initial or executive education, as well as anyone enrolled in short or long-term education at the University. These Internal Regulations are inspired by the values that the University's governing bodies and its administrative, technical and teaching staff uphold.

    As part of its social policy, the International University of Rabat grants scholarships to its students.

    Only students enrolled in one of the programs of the International University of Rabat can qualify for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded to the beneficiaries for the duration of the course of study, subject to compliance with the terms of the Scholarship Regulations and the Internal Regulations for students.  

    Scholarship Regulations

    UIR students have full access to all sports amenities set up on the campus of the International University of Rabat, including the semi-Olympic swimming pool. The use of the latter is subject to Internal Regulations that all users must follow.

    Internal Regulations of the swimming pool

    Community life in university residence halls requires compliance with the rules of community life. For this reason, the International University of Rabat has set up Internal Regulations which define the rules of life and summarize all the standing measures and rules relating to behavior, hygiene, safety and discipline that govern life within the University Residence Halls.

    Internal Regulations of the University Residence Halls

    The Library is a peaceful environment, conducive to concentration and intellectual work. Users are required to respect the calm of the premises, particularly by speaking in a low voice at all times within the Library. In addition, users who are repeatedly caught for non-compliance with this rule are liable to penalties.

    Library Regulations

    In order to promote the fundamental values and best practices related to scientific research activities, and to create the appropriate environment to promote research, development and innovation within the University in accordance with international standards, UIR has put in place a Research Charter which constitutes a reference framework and a set of values and ethical principles relating to research, innovation and creation.

      Research Charter

      The UIR IT Charter defines the rules for the use of the IT resources of the International University of Rabat, in order to allow for the normal operation of the information systems available to the student community and to the academic and administrative staff.

        IT Charter

        The International University of Rabat is committed to strict respect for the ethical values of the academic and scientific world. Therefore, it is against any form of plagiarism, in order to guarantee the quality of its diplomas and the originality of the scientific publications of its teaching and research staff. Whatever the work (assignments, reviews, dissertations, courses, articles, theses), which is carried out by both students and university staff, it must always aim to produce new knowledge and offer a new and personal insight into a subject.

        Anti-Plagiarism Charter