Our Commitments

Our Commitments

In addition to providing students with excellent academic training that meets international standards, UIR is also dedicated to :

Scientific research and technological innovation are at the core of UIR's mission. We focus on developing projects that bring together different fields like mechanics, materials, electronics, and IT to solve real-world industrial problems. Our goal is to become a leading institution in technological innovation, not only in our region but also across Africa.

The International University of Rabat is a global player, collaborating with 140 universities in almost 28 countries worldwide. This international outreach is woven into the fabric of our educational and research missions. Our strategy revolves around forging partnerships with esteemed universities across all continents, fostering multidisciplinary collaborations.

This approach not only enriches the experiences of our students but also extends opportunities to international students who select UIR as their destination for study or study abroad programs.

Since its establishment in 2010, UIR has been dedicated to providing scholarships to exceptional students with strong academic backgrounds who may face financial constraints in meeting the university's tuition fees. This financial assistance program represents UIR's commitment to supporting its beneficiaries throughout their academic journey, fostering inclusivity and social diversity within our institution, principles that lie at the core of our philosophy.

UIR prioritizes the holistic development of its students, with an emphasis on broadening their intellectual horizons. In pursuit of this goal, we organize a series of conferences throughout the academic year that align with students' areas of study and training. These conference topics are carefully selected to supplement university coursework, promote knowledge exchange, and enable individuals to cultivate and expand their personal insights over time.

The Languages, Cultures, and Civilizations Center (PLCC) at the International University of Rabat offers language and general knowledge courses to all university institutions. It serves as a valuable resource for all students, equipping them with essential language skills for their academic pursuits and providing the tools necessary for a profound understanding of the society they inhabit.
Engaging with diverse cultures through the PLCC also enriches the cultural and intellectual influence of the University. This engagement, rooted in human and social sciences, forges connections with Moroccan socio-cultural stakeholders, contributing to societal reflection and global discourse within Morocco and beyond.