Internationalization Strategy

Internationalization Strategy


L’Université Internationale de Rabat has a strong international vocation, it integrates openness to the world at the centre of its activities. UIR has a strong international vocation, with openness to the world at the centre of its activities. The development of UIR's international academic partnerships takes place in Europe, in Asia, in America and with the African countries that are friends of Morocco, thus giving full meaning to the UIR's vision of being: "An African university of world class".

UIR’s international strategy is developed through:

  • ü  Promotion of UIR to universities worldwide, through the development of bilateral agreements, and through representation of UIR in international university fairs and events.

  • ü  The welcoming and integration of exchange students into UIR for a semester mobility and/or exchange with transfer of credits.

  • ü  The hosting and integration of foreign students in the framework of the UIR Summer School and international programs. 

  • ü  The welcoming and integration of foreign professors for semesters of mobility ("visiting scholar") and/or research.

  • ü  The promotion and development of international mobility of students, professors, and administrative staff at partner universities.

  • ü  The development of a sustained cooperation with foreign universities of international renown on the five continents.

  • ü  The implementation of double degree courses or co-degree courses with renowned foreign universities.

  • ü  The participation of UIR in research projects of international scope (research contracts, European research programmes, etc.).

  • ü  The development of academic partnerships on the African continent, and the consolidation of existing partnerships in Africa.




Our International Relations Office is here to answers all your enquiries!

As part of the implementation of its international policy, UIR encourages, through cooperation agreements, collaborations in training, research, or international development with foreign institutions as well as student and professional mobility around the world.

Regardless of the type of agreement you wish to enter into at UIR, the International Relations Office team will be pleased to inform you and accompany you in the process of developing, drafting and implementing partnership agreements with our schools.