Vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values

Our vision is: A world-class African University ».

LThe pursuit of UIR’s international influence goes hand in hand with its foothold in Morocco and Africa. Our University's vision is to fully embody its role as a key university in the African continent, and this is reflected in:

  • The adoption of a University of Excellence model in line with international standards;
  • A strong international dimension, with an exposure to the world’s most prestigious universities;
  • Recruitment of students from the African continent and the establishment of strong cooperation with African universities;
  • LExcellence in scientific research by managing projects of a national and regional scope, producing high-level publications, developing an intellectual property portfolio and technology transfer.


Our mission is« to produce and transmit knowledge and values for future societies. »

LThe mission that our University has set for itself is as follows:

  • UIR, as a Moroccan university dedicated to the development of Morocco and Africa, is committed to educating responsible citizens, to provide them with expertise, soft skills and interpersonal skills, allowing them to become the decision-makers and leaders of tomorrow.
  • UIR focuses on its students, who are at the heart of its concerns. Our priority is to meet their expectations and attain their potential, through an excellent academic education and extra-curricular activities (social and recreational activities) that are offered to them during their studies at UIR.
  • UIR contributes to strengthening Morocco's position and Africa's influence in tomorrow’s world, by creating and providing state-of-the-art training and research programs in the most advanced fields of science and knowledge.

Our values are: « Respect - Citizenship - Innovation – Excellence »

  • Respect: it is first and foremost respect for Others, whether it is a different person, culture or religion; and more generally, respect for human dignity, based on the belief that diversity is a component of Moroccan identity, which is plural in nature.
  • Citizenship: for us, it means active engagement in the community at several levels: local, regional and national. Citizen engagement is the responsibility of the entire student body, faculty and administrative staff of our University, and the values that make up tomorrow's responsible citizen are transmitted to UIR students throughout their journey at the University, whether through teaching or by offering extra-curricular activities which our students are invited to join.
  • Innovation: UIR is resolutely innovative in its higher education model, in the academic courses offered, and in the central place it gives to research, development and innovation activities, and in particular the strategy pursued in the field of patents. 
  • Excellence: The pursuit of excellence in education, research, student recruitment, and faculty and administrative recruitment is not only a value, but a pillar of our University. Delivering excellence, educating for excellence and through excellence, is our first priority as a University.


The objectives of UIR, defined through its vision, mission and values are to:

  • Offer high quality degree-level courses, adapted to the labor market, open to the international arena and supported by renowned academic partners, 
  • Develop labs dedicated to applied research in cutting-edge fields, in line with the needs of Moroccan industrialists in terms of technological innovation and of the African continent in terms of knowledge, 
  • Promote an institution that, with the support of talent of the Moroccan and African university diaspora, brings together first-class institutions, foreign universities, as well as major international industrial groups, 
  • Foster interculturality and increase exchanges between the various players in the political, economic, scientific and civil society spheres in order to discuss contemporary issues at the regional and international levels.