Vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values

Our vision is "A world-renowned African university".

UIR's international influence runs alongside its ties to Morocco and Africa. Our University's vision is to fully embrace its role as a leading academic model on the African continent, through several initiatives:

  • Establishing a model of academic excellence that matches international standards,
  • An established International outreach, in partnership with some of the world's most renowned universities,
  • The enrolment of African students and the development of strong partnerships with African universities,
  • Scientific R&D excellence, through focus on national and regional projects management, leading-edge publications, the enhancement of an intellectual property portfolio, and technology transfer.


Our mission is "The transfer and production of knowledge and values for tomorrow's societies".

Our University's mission is as follows:

  • As a Moroccan university committed to the growth and development of Morocco and Africa, UIR is devoted to raising responsible citizens, empowering them to become the decision-makers and leaders of tomorrow.
  • UIR makes its students the center of its priorities. It is our main priority to meet their expectations and to help them to fulfill their full potential, through the outstanding academic training and extra-curricular activities provided all along their studies at the UIR.
  • The international university of Rabat (UIR) strengthens Morocco's position and contributes to Africa's influence in a changing world, by creating and providing cutting-edge training and research programs in the very latest areas of knowledge.

Our values

  • Respect : first and foremost, respect towards other individuals, cultures and religions; and most of all respect of human dignity, in the belief that diversity is a component of the Moroccan identity, which is multicultural.
  • Citizenship : To us, this means active involvement in collective activities at several levels: local, regional and national. Our commitment to citizenship is a shared responsibility among all members of our University's student body, faculty and administrative staff. The values that shape tomorrow's civic leaders remain engraved in the minds of UIR students at every stage of their studies, whether in the classroom or in the extra-curricular activities.
  • Innovation : UIR is an innovative university with its own model of higher education, its training courses and its strong emphasis on research, development and innovative activities. For example, its patent strategy.
  • Excellence : the aim of achieving excellence in education, research, enrolment, teaching and administrative staff, is not only a core value, but a cornerstone of the University. As a leading university, delivering excellence and training for and through excellence are our top priorities.