Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations


Convinced that its success is based on the strength of its ties with its partners, the International University of Rabat places its corporate relations at the forefront. To consolidate and perpetuate these ties, the International University of Rabat has modified its organization and deployed new mechanisms:

- Establishment of a Corporate Relations Department since 2013 ; 
- Creation of a partner status conferring exclusive benefits;
- Creation of a database of our partners and corporate relationships ; 
- Development of a new business-student portal for professional integration ; 
- Organization and hosting of events bringing together actors from our national and international economy.


Business Partners

The International University of Rabat has forged mutually beneficial ties with professional circles. The partnerships established with companies concern UIR's three fundamental missions, namely research, education (initial and executive) and professional integration. 

To better meet the expectations of companies, the International University of Rabat has decided to strengthen its structure, formalize its partnership policy and deploy new collaboration mechanisms, through the Development Department.

Internship opportunities

UIR has made the professionalization of its academic courses a central part of its educational approach. 

Each academic program gives a high priority to internships in the workplace.


Recruiting our graduates

The International University of Rabat trains more than 2,200 students in initial education each year, the majority of whom complete internships from the freshman year. 

The 20 or so master's degree programs offer students a high level of specialization and professional development in fields sought by companies.

UIR Job Fair

The International University of Rabat had the pleasure to invite you to the 7th edition of the UIR Job Fair organized on Thursday, March 14, 2019.

The UIR Job Fair is an annual gathering of Students, Graduates and Recruiters. 
This seventh edition welcomed more than 1,000 students and graduates, engineers and managers, focusing on the fields of Energy Engineering, Aerospace and IT as well as Management, Political Science and Business Law and more than 40 companies from various sectors: Banking, Finance and Insurance, Automotive, Recruitment and Advisory, Engineering and Technology Consulting, Renewable Energies and NICT, Agri-food, Transport and Railways, Logistics, Mineral Industry, Aeronautics, Construction, Legal Consulting, Retail Trade and Pharmaceutical Industry.