Preparing my international exchange program

Preparing my international exchange program

Destinations available for the 2019-2020 academic year:

- Ensa Versailles
- Ensa Strasbourg
- Ensa Normandie
- Ensa Marseille
- Ensa Nancy
- Ensa Marne la Vallée
- Ensa Montpellier
- Ensa Paris la Villette
- Ensa Grenoble
- Ensa Nantes

- Université La Sapienza de Rome
- Université de Bologne
- Université de Parme
- Université de Florence

- Université de Mons

- Université Rovira i Virgili

- Université Lusofona

- Université de Lübeck

- Université Ion Mincu

- Université Abdullah Gül

- Uninter International University

- Université du Hindustan

- University of the Witwatersrand

- Al Zaytouna University

- Université de Carthage


How to apply?

Applications consist of a personal statement, an application form and a letter of commitment. You will find the application form and the letter of commitment  on the school's intranet platform "Collaboratif", International Mobility course. Documents must be completed before 11 February of the current academic year.

The application form may include up to 5 choices to be ranked in order of preference.

Only one personal statement is required for the 5 choices.

The personal statement must be personalized and present the interest for the country and the chosen schools.

The letter of commitment is signed by the student and the legal guardian. 

Once your file is submitted to the office of internships and partnerships (Mr. Rachid Moufti), applications will be reviewed by a commission according to academic criteria, taking into account the personal statement and the number of places offered by the partner schools. 

Priority is given to students with the most outstanding academic results since the 2nd semester of the 1st year, a record of low absenteeism and a relevant personal statement. 

Applicants for mobility are informed of the selection results on 8 March. 

The administrative and academic procedures for mobility are handled by the Internship and Partnership Office (Mr. Rachid Moufti).

All dates and deadlines are notified step by step by the Internship and Partnership Office through several platforms (Facebook Info Architecture - UIR, Collaboratif...).

When you return from your mobility, you must provide a record of your experience (portfolio, travel notebook, restitution of the work carried out during the mobility, a maximum 3-minute long video presenting the key elements of the mobility experience).