Cycle d'Architecture

Cycle d'Architecture

The Bachelor's degree program / Discovery of the discipline of "Architecture".

The Bachelor’s degree program lasts 3 years. Students learn how to "make" built and inhabited spaces by combining the wealth of knowledge and skills they have acquired in the diversity and complementarity of the courses offered.

At the end of the Bachelor’s program, students will have acquired an initial knowledge base that will enable them to consider architecture as a comprehensive discipline, directly linked to its environment, geography, society, etc... constantly challenged and questioned by the technical and technological evolutions that we face. Through introduction to research, students will have acquired a particular capacity for observation of phenomena as well as a perpetual exercise of questioning the design process, which is essential for architects who seek to consolidate and expand their knowledge.



      The Master's degree program / One discipline, several professions

      In the Master’s degree program, students gain autonomy in the architectural project design process and learn to interact with the different players involved in the design / construction process of the project.

       They become familiar with the latest building techniques and technologies using BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. They learn how to convey their architectural choices using the most efficient photorealistic rendering tools.

      Students are introduced to the wide range of the various major complementary issues of the Architectural Discipline of our time, all of which underlie the diversity of professional practices in Architecture (urban planning and territorial studies, landscape, sustainability and ecology, heritage, design, construction site, graphic design and communication...). In this way, each student jumps on the bandwagon of his or her preferred theme while corresponding with all of the other proposed themes. That is the strength of the discipline of Architecture: one discipline, several professions... In short, this is the essence of the Master's degree program: to offer students all the diverse but complementary professional possibilities of this discipline (studies and analyses, territorial decision-making, project management, construction and site management, heritage, sustainable development, furniture and interior design, communication of the architectural project...).

      Trip: International trip

          The 6th year / the professionalizing year leading to the diploma

          The 6th year is the professionalizing year leading to the Architect Diploma. In addition to the professionalization courses, which aim to give students an initial theoretical and technical foundation to prepare them for possible future project management responsibilities, students must complete an end-of-study project accompanied by a dissertation that they must defend before a jury in order to obtain the diploma.

          At the end of the course at the School of Architecture in Rabat and under Article 3 of Decree No. 2.16.244 of 22 July 2016, students obtain a diploma recognized as equivalent to national diplomas enabling them to work for the government or in the private sector (opening an architecture firm).


          Themes and subjects covered in the 6th year:
          Exercising the profession / Regulated framework and responsibility / Organization and professional ethics / Administration / Economics and agency management / End-of-study project / Dissertation / End-of-study dissertation + Defense End-of-study project.