A state-approved school of architecture

A state-approved school of architecture

The Rabat School of Architecture at UIR was born out of the commitment of our faculty to develop an original architectural education, which places the balance between architecture, urban planning and the environment at the heart of its concerns.

Thus, its objective is to deliver a high-level curriculum leading to a new practice of architectural design adapted to the context of the Mediterranean and African region.

The architecture program at UIR is developed in partnership with the School of Architecture of the City and Territories in Marne-la-Vallée and the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nancy (ENSA de Nancy), two schools of architecture in France.

The architecture program at UIR is characterized by the teaching of the theory and practice of architecture and urban planning. The main objective of this program is to train architects who are capable of carrying out a variety of professional practices and who are ready to take on new missions to respond to the sociological and ecological complexities of the world around them.

Studies at the International University of Rabat also foster interdisciplinarity with other departments (Renewable Energy, Culture, Civilizations and Political Sciences, etc.) and thus allow students to better understand the complex realities of our contemporary world (overpopulation of cities, pollution, environmental concerns).


"Prof. Imane Bennani (Director of the School of Architecture of Rabat - UIR) with Abdel-Ahad Fassi Fihri (Minister of Housing and Urban Policy)”

« Pr. Imane Bennani (directrice de l’école d’architecture de Rabat – UIR) et Pr Noureddine Mouaddib (président de l’UIR) en accueil de Mohand Laenser, ex-ministre de l’habitat et de la politique de la ville (conférence) »

Establishment of the school:
Speech by Mr. François Hollande, President of the French Republic, 4 April 2013, International University of Rabat

"...The International University of Rabat is an exceptional project. Firstly because it reflects the exceptional relationship between Morocco and France. (…).

During my visit here, and I thank the King and the Government of Morocco for this, we were able to sign two founding agreements establishing new institutions in Morocco:

A school of architecture will be established here, in this International University of Rabat, with the Research and Higher Education Center of Paris and the School of Architecture of Nancy. With the same idea: to ensure that we can exchange the best level of qualifications...".