Complementary internships

The complementary internships are intended primarily to introduce students to the professional exercise related to their academic course. It is a supervised teaching aiming to complete the theoretical and practical lessons previously acquired.

  • Complementary courses (SC) | SC1: Dental practice awareness training course
  • SC2 : Nursing Internship
  • SC3 : Initiation course in clinical practice
  • SC4 : Oral Health Prevention and Promotion Internship
  • SC5 : Laboratory internship
  • SC6 : Odonatological Emergencies Internship
  • SC7 : Chronic Non-Communicable Disease Prevention Internship

Major Internships - Clinical Activities

Major internships correspond to supervised clinical activities practiced in a teaching hospital setting.

They allow the future dentists to put their training experience into practice through immersion in the world of work. 

The training includes major internships.

  • Stage 1  : Conservative Odontology
  • Stage 2 et 3: Prosthesis
  • Stage 4 : Oral Medicine Oral Surgery / Periodontology
  • Stage 5  : Dentofacial Orthopedics / Pediatric Odontology
  • Clinical Immersion Internship (semester 11)
  • Clinical course of multidisciplinary care (semester 12)


The opening modules allow the development of the student professionally and personally. The student will be given the choice of one of the courses of the modules among different proposed activities.