The clinic

The clinic

The International University of Rabat is committed to provide comprehensive and top-notch training to its students. For this matter, it has set up a dental clinic complying with international standards to meet the specific needs of the training. Hence, prepare its future dentists with the practical skills at the end of their graduation.

The International Faculty of Dentistry was created in 2015, it covers an area of 1200m² divided into two separate entities, a wing dedicated to theoretical and practical training (Study halls, TD room and TP) and a wing for the dental clinic.

The area dedicated to teaching consists of four (04) study halls, classrooms, practical work rooms that can accommodate forty (40) students at a time, a (01) laboratory and office spaces dedicated to management. 

It also contains a (01) dental chair specially dedicated to continuous training, conferences, and professional demonstrations.

The clinical area has a capacity of seventy-five (75) seats, divided into individual boxes according to specialties. The building stands on four (04) floors divided in separate cluster of activities:

  • The consultation center and emergencies (05 seats)
  • LThe oral rehabilitation center (26 seats)
  • The surgery division (26 seats)
  • The dentofacial orthopedics and pediatric odontology unit (12 chairs).


In addition, three (03) seats are dedicated to the practices of professionals, as well as two (02) MEOPA rooms for seniors, difficult children or phobic people.

As well as a highly equipped medical imaging unit for optimal diagnosis of pathologies. As part of the clinical activity, a pharmacy, distribution and material recovery areas were made available to students and professionals to provide the necessary treatments to patients.

All the activities planned for this training are carried out in strict compliance with safety standards, particularly in terms of sterilization and sealing against ionizing radiations, in order to ensure the safety not only of the patients but also of the practitioners and human resources.

Dental clinic

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