Training catalog

Training catalog

The International Faculty of Dentistry at the UIR provides 6 years of theoretical and practical education for future dentists in line with the evolution the profession.

These courses are based on a solid background in medical sciences with an emphasis on practical training during internships.

The training in dentistry is in accordance with the National Standards of Teaching Standards. It is spread over 6 years, i.e. 12 semesters, organized as follow:

1st year:

Essentially basic training (biology, biophysics, anatomy, chemistry-biochemistry, etc.). Training in and social sciences.

2nd and 3rd year:

Teaching multidisciplinary odonatological modules, preclinical practical work.

4th and 5th year:

Acquisition of clinical modules. They include half-time clinical trainings.

6th year:

Multidisciplinary internships for deepening and full-time professional immersion with integrated teaching modules. A doctoral presentation thesis defense before a jury.

4th year student can go on an international exchange program (Nancy, Nantes ...).

Specializations at the end of the cycle

After obtaining a doctorate in dentistry, the UIR dentist-laureate may opt for a specialization in one of the odonatological disciplines below by entering the competition for the residency program.

  • Conservative odontology and endodontics,
  • Periodontology,
  • Dento-facial orthopedics,
  • Assistant,
  • Prosthesis,
  • Pediatric Odontology,
  • Surgery,